Best Desert Safaris in Dubai



A HERO Self Drive Boat Tour is the best way to explore Dubai from the water. Even with no experience, you can take control as you drive your own HERO boat on a thrilling adventure along the coast of Dubai. Get close to the city’s famous landmarks like the newly launched Ain Dubai, the biggest observatory wheel in the world, Burj Al Arab, the world-renown seven-star hotel, and Palm Jumeirah, the iconic man-made island. Different tours are available in the morning and the afternoon, all starting from the glamorous new Dubai Harbour Marina. As fun and fast as a jet ski (but safer), HERO boats are sturdy and incredibly easy to drive. Over half a million guests have driven these amazing boats and discovered that they can take control of their adventures instead of being a passenger!

Dubai Sunset Boat Tour

As the sun sets over the emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf, experience what it’s like to drive your own boat on a 60-minute guided adventure

Dubai Signature Boat Tour

The most exciting way to explore the iconic coastline and some of Dubai’s famous attractions on a 90-minute guided tour!