Best Desert Safaris in Dubai



We started Platinum Heritage to protect the local environment and preserve the local culture and heritage. Everything we do is shaped by this mission; from becoming the only camp to run completely on solar power, donating over 1 million dirhams towards desert conservation, offering authentic food and entertainment, to avoiding dune bashing and offering free tours to young students at local charity schools.

Our ecotourism business model enables us to support, protect and showcase Dubai’s cultural heritage and natural environment in a sustainable manner through educational and entertaining desert experiences. These are some of our sustainable travel practices and how our desert safaris make a positive difference in Dubai:

Wildlife Drives In The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Platinum Heritage is the first and only desert safari company in Dubai to offer wildlife drives instead of dune bashing which is very environmentally damaging. In fact, dune bashing is the leading cause to severe desertification which is an environmental degradation where desert vegetation and wildlife is lost.

Our wildlife drives are conducted by our Conservation Guides on set tracks in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve where there is a focus on entertaining and educating guests with insights about the native fauna and flora of the desert. The wildlife drives in the Heritage Collection are in vintage Land Rovers and in the Platinum Collection they are in luxury Range Rovers.

Eco-Heritage Camps

At the Dubai Sustainable Tourism Awards 2019 our desert camps were awarded as the most sustainable in the industry. Platinum Heritage was also recognised as the overall Renewal Energy Leader in the tourism and hospitality industry in Dubai. All of our desert camps are built traditionally out of raw materials like wood, stone and goat hair inside a Royal desert retreat. We operate our camps with solar power and have implemented robust waste reduction and recycling procedures in all of our operations.

Emirati Cultural Heritage

We bring Emirati cultural heritage to life with our vibrant camps, authentic cuisine and traditional entertainment. Our guests take a step back in time and experience what Dubai was like 50 years ago. We introduce them to the Bedouin way of life and give them the opportunity to learn about the rich traditions of these nomads of the Arabian desert.

Local Cuisine

One of the best ways to learn about a culture is through trying it’s cuisine. Unlike most of the desert safari companies in Dubai, our Heritage Desert Safaris showcase the authentic cuisine of Dubai. Our Morning Desert Safaris feature traditional Bedouin breakfasts with famous local dishes. On the Evening Desert Safaris guests are treated to a 4-course dinner of local favourites like lamb ouzi, camel meat stew and kibbeh. Throughout the experience guests are introduced to the cultural significance of the dishes; this is a culinary journey where guests get to learn and savour delicious food from the region.

Some of our other sustainability efforts include:

  • Recycling
  • Our education school programmes
  • Desert Clean ups
  • Refillable water bottles instead of plastic
  • Online education and resources
  • Local employment

Discover more about our Sustainable Travel in Dubai mission.